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Paving A Greener Future Through Native Seed Libraries
One of our cofounder planting native plants out in a field.


Seeds of Hope is an environmental initiative creating native seed libraries. Founded by Jensen Coonradt and Aarin Bothra, Seeds of Hope gives students a chance to take and donate seeds to start their own gardens. Based in Illinois, the prairie state, we were concerned by the rapid loss of prairie plants. Determined to solve this problem, our seed libraries feature a variety of native plants, in an effort to restore the natural habitat of Illinois. We currently have seed libraries in Oswego and Oswego East Highschool. Join Seeds of Hope and help us pave a brighter future!


Seeds of Hope believes that there is no singular answer—every little action helps when it comes to making a difference. There are many meaningful ways you can help us succeed in combating climate change. If you have a way that you can help that's not listed below, reach out to us.

A volunteer painting designs onto one of our seed libraries.


Seeds of Hope is always looking for community engagement to help with our mission. Team members can do a variety of task from making seed libraries, to writing blog posts or even handling social media content. Any work that you do for Seeds of Hope can be used as community service hours. Asa team member, you will gain valuable skills, while helping protecting the environment and the Earth. Use the button below and join us today on our mission to protect the prairies of Illinois:

One of our cofounders and a volunteer carrying seed libraries.


Community support is vital to the success of our movement. Even the smallest contributions can make a big difference. By donating today, you are supporting our mission to restore the natural habitat of Illinois and combat climate change. This money will go towards supplies that we can then use to make new seed libraries. To show our gratitude for your kindness, with each donation we provide a free Seed Paper Card! Donate today and help provide a cleaner future!  

A picture of a rain garden of native plants.


You can help our planet and make a difference by applying to open your own chapter of Seeds of Hope. Each chapter will be able to create seed libraries for their local community. Seeds of Hope will provide the chapter with supplies, support, media promotion and any other help that is needed. If you think that your community would be a good place for a seed library, apply to start your own chapter! By starting a chapter of Seeds of Hope, you can help us pave a brighter future—one seed at a time!


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1525 Harvey Road, Oswego, IL 60543

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